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Cultural Exchange Program for Families

We offer unusual immersion experiences in other cultures for all ages. We will participate in local activities with hands-on opportunities to learn, meet local friends, taste and cook, explore history and nature with hikes, stories, and traditional games and learn some of the local language.  We will plant the seeds of volunteerism by helping out where we can, and travel responsibly in respect to the culture and the environment.

Our goal is to get everyone engaged: young children, teens, parents and grandparents, learning and having fun. We organize our schedules so parents can have a break. We do all the hard work so you can relax and enjoy a unique experience with your family!


2016 Trips 

NEW Trips for ages 12-14


June 6-19, 2015



Safe and beautiful

Food, art, and culture

Experience pre-hispanic history

Learn about micro loans

Taste famous Oaxacan chocolate

Visit Zapotec villages

Study Spanish with daily lessons.



Greece: Mythology and Culture (Trip returning summer 2016)

Eating our way around Athens as we discover the local specialties

Discovering nature, mythology, and history

Exploring the urban street art scene

Relaxing on a farm as we discover the Greek countryside

Swimming, hiking, mountain biking

Cooking and learning to make cheese and yogurt and other Greek delicacies in the traditional style 

A back-to-the-roots program on the island of Antiparos


Northern Thailand (Trip Returning summer 2016)

Harvest with farmers

Hike with nature experts

Cook with locals

Commune with monks

Learn from local children

Walk with elephants




 Custom Itineraries  

Looking for a unique family trip? We can do all the research and create an amazing experience for you.     More info

     *  Adventures tailored to your family’s specific interests  

     * Volunteering     

     * Cooking and food

     * Literary or History themes (mythology, medieval, vikings)

     * Language Immersion

     * Budget trips  










Spanish Study Trip

Ages 12-14

San Cristobal, Mexico

June 30 – July 20, 2016

Thailand for ages 12-14

Dates TBD


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