Mainland and Islands

12 days/11 nights

2016 Dates to come

DAY one

  •  Arrive in Athens: Settle in to the Athens Green Apartments with your family and relax.
  • Have your first meal at the local taverna.
  • Enjoy the sunset from the top of the Olympic Stadium (right behind Athens Green)

DAY 2IMG_3909

  • Breakfast and Greek lesson: Learn some of the basics to help you get around.
  • Greek Culture intro/kids’ activities:  Adults will have a conversation with a local expert on the political/economic situation, while the kids practice their Greek and play games with staff.
  • Late afternoon tour of the Acropolis:  When the crowds are gone and the sun is low in the sky, we will meet children’s educator Stella Syrou, who will bring ancient Greek civilization to life for us as she shows us around the Acropolis.

(breakfast included)


Farmland Northern Thailand

Scarfing warm koulouri (sesame bread ring) on Athens food tour

  • Food Tour of Athens: We will eat our way around several neighborhoods with local guide extraordinaire, Tina Kyriakis, as she introduces us to food traditions and local favorites. 
  • Souvlaki at a restaurant popular with the locals.
  • Walk through Plaka:  Very old Athens neighborhood.
  • Graffiti Tour: Athens has a vibrant street art scene which we will explore with Tina Kyriakis and local street artists.
  • Parents’ Night Out: Kids will have dinner and activities with staff at Athens Green so adults can enjoy an evening on their own.

(Morning of eating, lunch, dinner for kids included).


  • Family activities: we will help you arrange an activity of your choice, such as a visit to  the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio, museums, art activities, cooking classes…
  • Evening walk in the protected Forest of Kesariani, where we will hear the stories of the trees, learn about and taste native plants and herbs, and get a unique historical perspective.
  • Visit the Byzantine monastery of Kesariani, and learn about the Greek Orthodox tradition.
  • Picnic in the forest on local delicacies.  Games for the kids.

(breakfast, dinner included)



  • Relaxing at Amfikaia

    Relaxing at Amfikaia

    Train to Amfiklia: we will head out into the countryside to our new home, Amfikaia Farm, at the base of Mount Parnassos.

  • Settle into traditional stone houses nestled in the hills
  • Relax on the farm:  Swim, hike, help with the horses and other animals, stroll the extensive herb gardens, take mountian bikes out for a spin . . .
  • Dinner on the farm or in a local village

(breakfast, lunch included)


Archeological site at Delphi

Archeological site at Delphi


  • Fokis Mining Park: What was it like to be a miner? We will go down into the mine on boxcars and explore the world of aluminum mining and the role it played in the local economy.
  • Delphi: As the tour busses leave, we will arrive in the mountain town of Delphi to explore the ancient site of the Oracle. After our tour you can visit the museum or enjoy the magnificent view from a cafe terrace.
  • Dinner at Amfikaia

(breakfast and dinner included)


  • Relax on the farm in the morning: walk, hike, swim, or lie under a tree and listen to the birds
  • Organized games
  • Pack up and head to the port to catch our ferry for Antiparos
  • Enjoy the sunset on the 4 hour ferry ride to Paros, with a transfer to Antiparos.

(breakfast included)


DAYs 8-11


Our home on Antiparos

Back to the Roots program on the small island Cycladic island of Antiparos, lead by Tina Kyriakis will include:
  • Visiting local cheese and honey producers
  • Greek cooking lessons
  • Collecting wild herbs and greens with a local herbalist
  • A prehistoric Cycladic ceramics workshop. Xerolithia is an old island building technique considered not only an art form, but also a meditative practice. We will get our hands dirty with some mindful stone wall building.
  • Spend free time on nearby island of Paros.
  • Relax!  Swim and enjoy sea sports, local cuisine, caves, and the ancient Venetian castle.
  • Daily activity time just for kids so parents can have a little quiet time.

(includes breakfast)

DAY 11

Return to Athens by ferry. Overnight in Athens. Farewell dinner.

(includes breakfast and dinner)


DAY 12

Depart for home!




Please note: you are free to substitute alternate activities on any day, however, we are unable to refund participants for any activities or portion of the trip in which they choose not to participate.

Changes may be made in the itinerary or accommodation at our discretion for any reason we deem necessary, including weather or other factors out of our control.

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