Check back for itinerary and pricing for an 8-day family trip to the beautiful Central Highlands of Mexico (July 21-29, 2015). This trip will mostly be based in Guanajuato and Queretaro,  beautiful, colonial cities in the mountains in one of the safest regions in Mexico.

The summer trip will explore the amazing food of the region, some easy hiking, art and music, a Day of the Dead intro, and include optional Spanish lessons. A Mexico City extension will be available for this trip.

The February 2016 trip will also include a visit to the butterfly biosphere, the final destination for hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies migrating from Canada every year.

Guanajuato is well-known for it's Cervantes festival and Don Quixote museum

Guanajuato is well-known for it’s Cervantes festival and Don Quixote museum