Add-on Bangkok

We can customize your itinerary to include additional days in Bangkok. Here is a small sample of activities that we offer on a half or full-day basis.


  • Culinary tour
  • Floating Markets
  • Off the Beaten track Bangkok (choose neighborhoods around the city to explore, for example Baan Baat, the last remains of what used to be a village specializing in making monks’ bowls. There are 5 families living in this small neighborhood still making the bowls by hand in the traditional manner, although they mostly sell to tourists now (most monks buy the cheaper machine-made bowls.)
  • Explore food markets, an explosion of colors and smells and Thai life
  • Take a 10-minute boat ride to Bang Krachao, also known as the “green lungs” of Bangkok, where you can explore the wild in the center of the city on foot or bike.
  • Canal tours
  • Cooking, Thai boxing, and yoga classes
  • Cook with Jum and her children: our Bangkok coordinator will take you to her home where you can plan a menu together and learn to cook traditional dishes.


  • One day (or two days/one night) to Kanchanaburi, the site of the Bridge over the River Kwai.
  • Day trip to Ayuthayya, ancient capital of Thailand
  • Day trip to Lopburi if you dare! A town overrun by monkeys

If you are interested in additional tours within or outside of Bangkok, a more extensive list of options is available upon request.


      4 to a room: $100/person per day
      3 to a room: $125/person per day
      2 to a room: $150/person per day

Charges include hotel suite (studio, 1- or 2-bedroom, depending on size of group) with breakfast and the services of our Bangkok Coordinator to assist with all questions and arrangements.

Hualamphong Station, Bangkok

Hualamphong Station, Bangkok

Fishing in the canal, Bangkok

Fishing in the canal, Bangkok