5-Day Volunteer Option, Chiang Mai

For families preferring to spend an extended time in one place focusing on volunteering, we are offering the option to replace days 4 through 8 on the Itinerary with one of the following options:

  • Teaching English to students at Chiang Mai University:
  • Teaching English to local children;
  • Helping out in a local village.teaching in the monastery school

Other opportunities may be available—if you have a special interest let us know and we will try to find a placement for your family in that field. Volunteering will be customized for each family based on ages of children and your interests and what is available. You will be accompanied by staff on the first day of the placement, and we will arrange transportation.

This option will include everything on the itinerary except for the day trips on days 4-8.  Children’s activities in the afternoon and evening activities are included.  Accommodation will be the same as described in the itinerary.  Placements will run 2-5 hours each day, and will not include meals. You may still participate in any of the day trips (additional activity fee will apply).  Contact us for more information.  info@footprintsfamilytravel.com.